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Expecting a baby?
Heartburn raging?
Body aching?
Head spinning?

We’ve got you covered!

Meet The Mother Well Box Set!

ā¤ļø These boxes are the perfect way to get customized care products right to your door. Grab for yourself or share a gift, these will make any family feel loved.

šŸ“¦ Mother Well will deliver 3 custom boxes right to your door at the time you need it most: late pregnancy and early postpartum!

šŸ¤° Bundle of Joy – for late pregnancy
šŸ¤±šŸ¼ Mother the Mother – for early postpartum
šŸ‘¶ Babies Donā€™t Keep – for early infancy

This set of three boxes are perfectly timed around the arrival of your baby, and ideal for those who want the benefit of a subscription box – but not the long-term commitment!

The Mother Well Mama Box is created by a certified birth doula and mom of three. That means your box is thoughtfully created with years of experience, love, care, and the perspective of someone who’s been there before.

So, what will come in your box?
Here’s a sample packing list!

Bundle of Joy
(Late Pregnancy)

  • Heartburn Tea
  • Belly Butter
  • Bath Bomb
  • Mama Milestone Cards
  • Affirmation Card
  • Field Guide Booklet

Mother the Mother
(Early Postpartum)

  • Nipple Butter
  • Herbal Sitz Bath
  • Perineal Spray
  • Affirmation Card
  • Field Guide Booklet

Babies Don’t Keep
(Early Infancy)

  • Ice Cream Pet Lovey
  • Diaper Balm
  • Milkmaid Tea
  • Affirmation Card
  • Field Guide Booklet

Boxes are $45 / each + tax & include FREE Shipping!

For the complete set, you will be charged $45 / month + tax for 3 months. Cancel anytime.

(Boxes ship free!)

Sending as a gift? Simply change the shipping address at checkout. Feel free to email for any special notes you prefer!

Love the idea, but only want a one-time purchase? Check out the Mother Well Mama Essentials option!

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