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A Doula’s Legal Liability with Birth Injury Attorney  Marlie Willer

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | February 26, 2024

Is there any legal liability a doula could have as a birth attendant? Could a doula ever be sued or deposed? Just when you thought you were feeling confident…there’s a whole host of dicey situations a doula may find themselves in! Birth Injury Lawyer Marlie Willer can help! Following Marlie’s work has honestly given me…

Being On-Call and Diversifying Revenue with Kyleigh Banks

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | February 17, 2024

As we continue discussing ‘on-call life’ as a primary source of burnout for doulas, I am so happy to share a conversation with a birthworker who’s found an innovative way to still serve families and avoid on-call burnout. Kyleigh Banks burst onto the scene with her Instagram account ‘Autonomy Mommy’ which currently boasts over 27K…

Being On-Call and Facing Our Egos with Sara Pixton of Birth Words

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | February 7, 2024

“Unless I’m at a birth.” Every doula feels – or has felt – the tension of being on-call in their careers. And ‘being on call’ is one of the most-cited reasons for doula burnout. That’s why I wanted to dedicate several episodes regarding the on-call life in this season tackling doula burnout. I could think…

Hostile Providers with Sarah Lavonne of Bundle Birth

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | February 1, 2024

You would be hard-pressed to find a birthworker who does not have an experience with a hostile provider. And there’s perhaps no better professional in the birth world to understand how to work with hostile providers than L&D nurses! Sarah Lavonne is the pioneering founder & CEO of Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation. This episode…

Obstetric Violence with Dr. Hillary Melchiors

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | January 29, 2024

Despite awareness and accountability of obstetric violence having grown over the last decades, mistreatment remains pervasive in maternity care. And being witnesses to obstetrical violence can certainly burn doulas out! Dr. Hillary Melchiors is paying attention, and has insights and solutions that will help doulas navigate OB violence and sustain themselves through their careers.   Hillary…


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Hi! I'm Victoria - your Podcast Host!

I am a DONA International certified birth doula and have been attending births since 2016.

My doula philosophy is:

"I believe the best doulas are students of human nature and intuitive to the needs of others. My goal as a doula is to ensure everyone on your birth team is supportive and united around your agenda and needs for birth. I am focused on your physical and emotional wellness, the physiologic needs of your labor, your dignity and respect. I find success in forging relationships between all members of the birth team in order to center care around my clients in a collaborative way. As a birth doula, I believe in my responsibility to give you the factual information I have acquired about birth and maternity care practices in our local context. I will speak with truth, honesty, and compassion as I strive to offer gracious and nuanced perspectives."

I am married to an incredibly supportive husband and mom to four (yes, FOUR!) delightful daughters. Professionally, I am interested in seeing maternity care options improve my local community. I believe in the power of fostering relationships to positively impact the birth care team. You can find me enjoying homemade lattes and attempting DIY projects in my Berea home.

To learn more about my path to becoming a doula, click here!

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DONA International Certified Birth Doula

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