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Don't miss upcoming birth professional development opportunities in Central Kentucky!

Hi! My name is Victoria,

I'm a certified doula and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor living in Central Kentucky. (Berea, as a matter of fact. You know the super cute, artsy, kinda hippie college town? Yep, that's me.)

I have been a doula since 2015 and have closely observed our local birth scene for many years. One thing I've learned is that relationships are key: patient/provider, mom/partner, parent/baby - they all matter!

I'm here because I believe in the power of the doula/provider relationship to have a positive impact on maternity care. I know that you, as a birth pro, have a really tough job. Often you're working long, thankless hours and sometimes stacked against really tough odds. You want to stay up to date on best practice, but you've got a pretty full plate running your own practice!

My job as a doula and an educator is to build bridges. I can help ease your burden of staying up to date on the best evidence, by putting the evidence right into your hands. I am excited to bring these thoroughly researched, interactive, and energizing professional workshops and seminars to our area.

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and here's the official bio you might want to read.

Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) is a DONA certified birth doula and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. She has been a birth worker for 4 years and brings a warmth and sense of understanding to her teaching style. Her interest is in forging relationships between all members of the birth team in an effort to center care around the family in a collaborative way. She is on staff at Evidence Based Birth® as Operations Director and is thrilled to work directly with Dr. Rebecca Dekker, the founder of Evidence Based Birth®.

Upcoming Workshops

Comfort Measures for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Are you an L & D nurse who wishes you had more tools in your toolbox to help keep patients comfortable during labor?

By attending Comfort Measures for Labor and Delivery Nurses, you will not only get hands-on practice with comfort measures skills, but you'll also learn how you can overcome barriers to providing comfort measures on your unit!

All nurses who register at the Professional level or higher will earn 3 nursing contact hours, and those who register as Super Users will receive a Comfort Measures Toolkit to take back to your unit and teach to your peers. Come enjoy an afternoon of demonstrations, discussion, and networking with L & D nurses from all over Central Kentucky.

We designed this workshop specifically for Labor and Delivery nurses who are looking to add to their labor support knowledge and skills. However, local doulas, midwives, and childbirth educators are also encouraged to register!

Location: This workshop is held at centered in Lexington, Kentucky.

Contact hours: By attending this workshop and completing an evaluation and quiz, registrants at the Professional or Super User ticket level will earn a certificate for 3 nursing contact hours from Evidence Based Birth®, a continuing education provider for the Kentucky Board of Nursing #7-0081. Nursing contact hours can also be applied to most childbirth educator and doula certifications.

Learning Objectives for the Comfort Measures Workshop:

  1. Discuss the evidence on comfort measures
  2. Demonstrate a variety of comfort measures
  3. Discuss how we can overcome barriers to providing comfort measures

Registration Options:

  • Basic Ticket- audit only (no contact hours)
  • Professional Ticket-- certificate for 3 nursing contact hours
  • Super User Ticket-- certificate for 3 nursing contact hours, lanyard and flash drive loaded with the “Comfort Measures Teaching Toolkit” that includes lesson plans and handouts with permission to teach lessons to your peers, 30 day free trial to the Professional Membership at Evidence Based Birth® with access to 24 additional contact hours, and a laminated “Pocket Guide to Comfort Measures”

Additional info about the "Super User" ticket: We are encouraging each local hospital to sponsor at least two nurses to become Comfort Measures Super Users! Your Nurse Super Users will be able to teach their peers how comfort measures can decrease the Cesarean rate, decrease patient pain levels, and increase patient satisfaction. Having at least 2 nurses trained as Super Users will make it easier for them to demonstrate to the other L & D nurses on their unit what they learned at the workshop.

Super Users will receive a Comfort Measures Toolkit on a flash drive, which will be loaded with:

  • Lesson plans on:
    • Sending patients home in early labor
    • Hydrotherapy for pain relief during labor
    • Positive language that decreases patient pain perception
    • Upright positions during labor for improving birth outcomes
  • Full-length printer-friendly PDFs with the Evidence on Fetal Monitoring, Birthing Positions, Eating and Drinking during Labor, and Protecting the Perineum
  • One-page handouts to share with patients covering: Birthing Affirmations, Birthing Positions, Comfort Measures in Early Labor, Eating and Drinking during Labor, Fetal Monitoring, and Nitrous Oxide

Questions? Contact Victoria by emailing

Refund policy: Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to other attendees or to future workshops.

Request a Workshop

You've got a full schedule, and so do I! Make continuing education work for your schedule. Bring practical, actionable, evidence-based information directly to your unit, colleagues, and students. Contact me about a private workshop today!

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  • Comfort Measures for L&D Nurses Workshop
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