You know what I wish I could do? Multiply myself into three people, that's what I wish I could do. Because not only would I simultaneously go on vacation and workout more, I would also complete #allthebirthbusinessthings. I've owned Mother Well Doula Service since 2015. During that time, it's been a total thrill and joy to serve Central Kentucky -- and I look forward to serving for years to come!

I've experimented with various offerings over the years and, for the time being, I've learned that classes don't quite fit into my wheelhouse. That said, childbirth education is extremely important for expecting parents and so on this page I want to recommend some of my hand-picked favorite class options in the area!

As my doula client, if you take a childbirth class from a preferred provider on this page, you'll receive a birth ball (or, if you're not a birthy person, also called an exercise ball) from me as a free gift! It's my way of saying: great decision, you'll learn so much!

Birthing in the Bluegrass, Evidence Based Birth® and Spinning Babies® | Lexington
Chanté Perryman is a Lexington-based certified doula and childbirth educator. She's got several offerings to prepare parents, and I know you'll love her!