Get Empowered with a Childbirth Class You and Your Partner will Love! Take the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class! Revolutionary childbirth education like you've never seen it before! No awkward group exercises. In-person and video instruction, convenient for your busy life. And evidence-based information you will use regardless of what kind of birth you're planning.

  • Get mentored by your own Evidence Based Birth® Instructor
  • Learn about evidence based care, comfort measures, and advocacy
  • Get prepared, get mentored, get answers, and enjoy that feeling of confidence!

Tickets start at $250. Class may be conducted in a group or private setting. The Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class is included with every Complete Birth Doula Service package.

Compact Childbirth Education $150

This upbeat, interactive, and informative class can be taught in a private or group setting. Fear increases our tension and anxiety over any event in life – especially childbirth. By learning a bit about the basics of labor and birth, you’ll have less fear, more confidence (and joy!) as you welcome your baby to the world. In this 3 hour class, we’ll cover:

  • The basic physical processes of labor and birth
  • The Fear – Tension – Pain Cycle and how it can make delivery unnecessarily hard
  • Ways to make labor more comfortable (and even enjoyable!)
  • The benefits and risks of labor interventions
  • How to handle a long or difficult labor
  • How to communicate effectively with your care providers
  • and much more.

Mama/Papa Birth Skillshop $75

As fabulous as doulas are, every family won’t choose to hire one. Even so, every mom needs a supportive birth team. Mother Well’s Mama/Papa Birth Skills Workshop is just the ticket.

In this 90 min crash-course style workshop, we will cover:

  • The Fear – Tension – Pain Cycle and how it can make delivery unnecessarily hard
  • Expert-approved ways to make mom (and dad!) more comfortable in labor
  • How to talk with your provider to get the best care possible
  • And how you can be truly present on this life-changing day

Decrease your fear and increase confidence and comfort!

Newborn Care Class $75

One of the most exhilarating – and downright terrifying! – feelings in life is walking out the hospital with a brand new baby in tow.  What happens next?

In this 2-hour class, we will cover the basics such as:

  • Common Newborn Hospital Procedures
  • Sleeping Expectations
  • How to Calm your Newborn
  • Infant Feeding Basics 
  • How To Get Breastfeeding Off To A Good Start
  • Postpartum Recovery and Realities
  • Resources to Help you Transition to life as a Parent

"During the skillshop, my husband was able to learn some counter pressure techniques for my contractions and got to practice some language that will, I hope, help him hold the space we're in while I'm in labor as well as help him encourage me (especially during transition). It was a calm, loving, wonderful experience (and I got some practice back massage out of it, too) and I would highly recommend it to any couple preparing for the birth of a child!"

-Second Time Mama