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The Mother Well transforms expecting moms and dads into confident parents through education, support, and community. Fill up your cup with the stuff that makes a difference. Pour out love to your family.

Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | Central Kentucky Birth Doula

The Mother Well & Mother Well Doula Service is owned by Victoria Wilson CD(DONA), a Berea College graduate who has been in birth doula practice since 2015. Victoria has supported over 50 birth doula clients, as well as many others through classes and support. Past clients speak to Victoria's compassion, expertise, and intuition as a birth doula.

Her birth work is driven by the belief that fostering relationships is the way to positively impact individual births and transform our broken maternity care system. The Mother Well provides practical support, enduring encouragement, and tangible solutions to common parenting problems for the families of Central Kentucky.

Victoria has spoken on college campuses, in professional groups, and in private settings on the topic of birth and doula work.

For media inquiries, email: hello@motherwelldoula.com.

Doula Victoria massaging pregnant woman's back

Doula Philosophy of Care

I believe the best doulas are students of human nature and intuitive to the needs of others. My goal as a doula is to ensure everyone on your birth team is supportive and united around your agenda and needs for birth. I am focused on your physical and emotional wellness, the physiologic needs of your labor, your dignity and respect. I find success in forging relationships between all members of the birth team in order to center care around my clients in a collaborative way. As a birth doula, I believe in my responsibility to give you the factual information I have acquired about birth and maternity care practices in our local context. I will speak with truth, honesty, and compassion as I strive to offer gracious and nuanced perspectives.

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