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The Mother Well serves Central Kentucky mothers as they navigate pregnancy, birth, and post-partum.

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Giving birth can be intimidating.

You might wonder if you'll feel lonely, afraid, or unheard when it's time to have your baby.

Or maybe you wonder what labor really feels like, and if you be able to handle it.

Maybe you've heard birth horror stories and are silently petrified that one might happen to you. And what if your partner is overwhelmed by it all?

That’s where we come in.

pregnant woman on hands and knees with doula pulling up on belly with a blanket
Doulas are like your BFF for birth... and so much more!

Doulas have been growing in popularity over the last few decades. The childbearing year is a time when women greatly benefit from being informed, empowered, and comforted.

To be mothered, that they might mother well. Doulas are part tour guide, part personal trainer, and part bestie for your birth. Research consistently shows that continuous labor support, or doulas, is a basic need for those giving birth.

newborn baby Harper Joy swaddled
Welcome your baby with joy and confidence.

Imagine going into labor and working together like the birth dream team I know you are. (Trust me. You've totally got this.)

It truly is possible to look forward to giving birth - and to even have fun while you're at it.

Studies show that parents who hire doulas have increased satisfaction with their births, and healthier outcomes for moms and babies. I - and my clients! - completely agree.

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